Take 2 Officially Irrational

Take-Two Interactive Software has officially announced the acquisition of independent developer Irrational Games, makers of System Shock 2, Freedom Force and SWAT 4. Following closely behind preliminary reports of a leaked e-mail that outlined the acquisition, Take-Two issued a release stating that Irrational will be joining Take-Two’s 2K Games label.

The first game that will be released under the new label will be the much-anticipated action RPG BioShock, a game that many call the spiritual successor to the acclaimed System Shock. “We saw a rare opportunity with Irrational Games, a development studio that has consistently produced creative and original games,” said Christoph Hartmann, managing director at 2K Games.

Ken Levine, co-founder and president of Irrational Games said, “Fans will be blown away when they see the next-generation titles we are working on.” Irrational Games expects to release BioShock in early 2007.

Source Next Generation