System update available for Wii

System updates are always fun. Don’t worry this one doesn’t introduce falling snow on the dashboard, though we won’t rule that out here quite yet.

In the Wii Shop you can now send someone on your friends list a Virtual Console game as a gift. After choosing the game, select gift, and choose a friend. Gifts can be personalised with a message. This strikes us as a great money making idea from Nintendo that also benefits the kind of gamer who would prefer to send a gift without the trek into town. That’s most of us then.

The Photo Channel has also been updated. When an SD card is inserted you can set one of your pictures to be the Photo Channel icon on the dashboard. In addition to this we hear the file format for background music of the Photo Channel has been changed from MP3 to AAC, to enhance music quality. say this update is optional and can be removed by deleting the data file from your system memory. If anyone wants to shed more light on this then please leave a comment.

Before we sign off for today, if you’re a fan of Pokémon and fancy reliving the N64 photography game Pokémon Snap, you will find it lurking on the Virtual Console for 1000 points. Perhaps you gift this to an unsuspecting friend this Christmas. Back in the day the original version averaged 78% at GameRankings, but this version has been updated slightly to allow players to share their favourite Pokémon photos with friends through the Wii messageboard. We leave you with a couple of Pokémon Snap screenshots, from the days before broadband.

Photo realism with your 0.2 megapixel camera.

Trains like tracks with corners.