Super Mario Galaxy Coming ‘This Year’

If you have not been keeping up to date with GDC goings on you may have forgot that Shigeru Miyamoto spoke today at the event – settle down though you did not miss much! Miyamoto actually spent very little time talking about new games; instead choosing to ramble on about museums, his wife, how only 40% of people like cats, the NES and muse about Pikmin and a few other older games along with some idea’s he had in the past. All in all it was not very exciting.

Thankfully during the closing phase of this speech things went up a notch as he mentioned we’ll be playing Mario Galaxy sometime this year to the delight of the crowd gathered. After that announcement he went on to show a video of the game which showed how the game has evolved since E3 showing many old school enemies and environments mixed in with the new idea and control the Wii brings.

Anyways, you’ll probably want to see the video now – which seems to be a bit better than two GameCube’s duct-taped together!