Street Fighter IV to get Championship and Replay Modes


Capcom has announced that Street Fighter IV fans will be treated to a new Championship Mode in a free online update. This mode will include multi-tiered tournament play, as well as a replay feature that will allow players to study the tactics of hardcore players.

The update will also introduce penalties for early quitters:

“Last, but most certainly not least, disconnecters, aka pullers, aka ragequitters, your days are numbered: If you disconnect during a match, the system will also dock you your progress in the tournament, so pullers will never be able to advance into the higher ranks of tournaments. What’s even more fun is that the system also happily displays your disconnect percentage, so if you’ve got a bad habit, it’s right there for everyone to see.”

The free update is scheduled for release on Friday, April 24. All the details surrounding the upcoming content can be viewed here.