Street Fighter IV getting costume packs via DLC

Via Famitsu, Japan’s most well known Weekly gaming magazine, Capcom have revealed they will be releasing alternate costume for five of the characters in Street Fighter. Starting on the day the game hits retail, a pack will be made available for download each week for a total of five weeks,  until the 5 characters have their wardrobes filled to the brim. However, the character set to get the extra outfits have not being revealed as of yet.

Once the five weeks have gone by, Capcom plans to release a combo pack which includes all 25 costumes. The singular packs will be made available for 320 MS Points on the 360, with the combo pack retailing for 1,000 MS Points. No price has being confirmed for the PS3 version as of yet, due to different currencies worldwide.

The magazine also revealed that the when you start the game, only 18 of the 25 playable characters will be available, with rest needed to be unlocked via various methods (for example, beating bosses with various characters).

Street Fighter IV is set to hit stores in Europe on 20th February.