Stranglehold Demo Coming to Xbox LIVE and PC


On the games official website Midway have announced that fans of some Hard Boiled inspired action will be able to get a sneak peak of the action-packed, 3rd person action adventure title, Stranglehold. Yes, a demo of the game will be available for download on Xbox Live and PC in early August, however no PS3 demo has been announced to hit PSN as of yet.

Just like the two hour action extravaganza that was the 1992 film, Stranglehold will star the likeness of Chow Yun-Fat playing his character Tequila, with his Beretta 92 pistols, shotgun, M4 Carbine and more in tow. The game will also have many scenes envisioned by action director John Woo.

In the US the full version of Stranglehold is currently expected to ship on August 27th for the Xbox 360 and PC, and September 17th on the PlayStation 3. Why the long delay on PS3 you ask? Well maybe Unreal Engine 3.0 inadequacies are to blame!