Stranglehold Delay Was A Misunderstanding

Midway has apparently revealed that they will delay Stranglehold for ~PS3 in Europe. However, in the US, the game is still scheduled to ship on the previously announced dates for all platforms, which is August 27th for 360 and PC and September 17th for PS3. Unfortunately, the company has given no reason for the delay of the game on the PS3 platform in the Euro region.

Thankfully, it is not all bad news for PS3 owners as over on the official Midway forums it was recently revealed that the company has decided to make both the standard version and the Collector’s Edition (which is the version with Hard Boiled contained on the Blu-ray disc) of the game region free. So for those that really want the game and have only access to a PS3 importing is always an option. Also, the Collector’s Edition of the game was never announced for Europe so importing was probably the better option anyway to get the best version of the game.

Finally, to reiterate, the Euro Xbox 360 and PC versions are both still on target for a release on August 27th, nothing has changed there.

Update: Midway have now confirmed that their European PR rep forgot to put the PS3 date on the release (freudian slip much?), so this was all just one big mistake. The game is still on track for a September 17th release on PS3. Anyway, you should still import it, Hard Boiled rules, woot!