Stormrise will not be patched, you must live with its suckiness due to the credit crunch

As you all know, there is a credit crunch happening right now, and this is obviously a problem for many studios, and could affect many games in production. However, once a game is available to buy, and already in the hands of gamers worldwide, you’d think a company would support it for a while.

Well, this seems not to be the case with Stormrise, the latest real time strategy title from Sega and Creative Assembly.

Although a patch for the 360 and PS3 versions of the game was announced on April 2nd, with a long list of fixes included, it seems that now we are nearing the end of the month both Sega and Creative Assembly have decided against releasing it. They say doing so would not be “cost prohibitive” in this “uncertain climate.

The second patch that has been worked on by Creative Assembly will not make it into the hands of the Stormrise players, due to costs and risks associated with testing and certifying the new changes and features,” comments an update of the official Stormrisers site.

Releasing patches for games is not an easy process, it requires the patch to be certified in multiple countries and divisions, which in this uncertain climate is unfortunately cost prohibitive.

We gave Stormrise a 3/10 in our review a few weeks back, so that patch might have helped.