Stephen Fry voicing “second edition” of a game Update


Stephen Fry has tweeted to say that he is currently lending his voice to a “second edition” of a game, and is in fact recording right now. In the past Fry has worked on LittleBigPlanet, Fable 2, and a couple of the Harry Potter games

Morning all. In studio today voicing 2nd edition of a video game. Will check when I’m there if I’m allowed to say what it is...” comments the tweet.

Taken literally, his tweet could mean he may be working on a second LittleBigPlanet, as that would be the only game he previously worked on that could be described as a “2nd edition.”

However, his tweet may mean he is working on a game that is moving onto its second edition that he never worked on before. If so, that significantly expands the games we can safely predict – so much so we cannot even hazard a guess anymore.

Update: Fry has confirmed it is LittleBigPlanet PSP, once again done via Twitter