Steam sale boosted Left 4 Dead purchases by 3000%


Left 4 Dead has been doing rather well in the retail sales stakes recently. According to the latest sales chart, Left 4 Dead was the ninth highest-selling game in the UK last week, and the second highest-selling Xbox 360 game. But those charts do not include download sales, so the true figures are likely to be much higher for those games with a PC version.

Valve’s Managing Director Gabe Newell took the keynote speech at this years D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit, in which he revealed that a recent sale on Valve’s Steam distribution service saw sales of critically-acclaimed title Left 4 Dead soar by 3000%.

The sale, which resulted in Left 4 Dead costing just £13.49 when bought through Steam, also increased the customer base of Valve’s digital distribution service by a whopping 1600%. Newell also believes that this week’s sales figures topped those seen in the week of the game’s launch.

So, taking into account Steam sales, would Left 4 Dead have been much higher in the All Format sales chart? We can only speculate…