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Steam ‘Big Picture Mode’ looks a bit better this morning – thanks to new Beta

If you are running Steam Beta, and recently upgraded the client, and then bothered to actually use ‘Big Picture Mode’ (that’s a lot of ifs), then you just might have noticed it has undergone a significant UI upgrade. Whilst the old interface was a bit barren the new interface displays much more information on the same amount of real estate – meaning it might actually be useful!

The update still seems to be work in progress though, as it seems impossible to reach some options – at least for me. I was snooping about, and it seems an issue to go into Offline Mode whilst in Big Picture Mode. You don’t always need to do that, but having the option would be nice.

Here are a couple of screenshots I just nabbed

Now that BPM actually looks nice, lets hope it is actually stable. That has been a huge problem for previous versions of the client. It has not crashed in the last 30 minutes anyway – fingers crossed!