State Of Emergency 2 Gone Gold

SouthPeak Interactive today announced that State of Emergency 2 for the PlayStation 2 has gone gold and will hit retail in February 2006. SOE2 will lets players control vehicles of destruction, including helicopters, tanks, armored personnel carriers and speedboats, as well as a wide variety of powerful weaponry.

State of Emergency 2 introduces new tactics such as “Interrogation” where “Spanky gets to lay the smackdown – Guantanamo-style – on the bad guys“. Choose from 15 exciting arcade challenges or the incredibly fast-paced and hilarious Kaos modes. For a full cinematic experience, engage the single-player mode which features 12 varied missions or join in one of the five multiplayer modes such as a no-holds-barred Deathmatch or Flag Attack or Last Man Standing.

Source WorthPlaying