Starcraft II Hyped As Blizzards ‘Best Work’

On the latest episode of their podcast Blizzard have commented that they believe StarCraft II “feels like the best work we’ve ever done”. Now, before you get all pessimistic and say “well, of course they are going to say that,” the fact that Blizzard label something as their best after the great work they’ve done in the past is very exciting – well it is to us anyway!

It’s been very, very rewarding to see this thing take shape. Just getting back to that Blizzard of yesteryear where it’s not all about WoW – don’t get me wrong, I love WOW! But we’re so much more than that,” comments Chris Metzen, vice president of creative development at the company.

You can download the fill 50 minute long podcast here if you are all excited about Starcraft II.