Star Wars: Battlefront 3 no longer with Rebellion


Edit: We should probably have made it clear in the original post, but this story is straight from an employee at Rebellion. We’re aware that rumours have been circulating for months, but we posted this after hearing those rumours confirmed. Chill.

The troubled development of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 has taken another interesting twist. After jumping from the sinking ship Free Radical to Rebellion, who are currently hard at work on Aliens vs. Predator 3, it has now been handed back into the hands of the developer of the first two installments – Pandemic.

After the recent leaked footage – which we’d thought to be in-game, but since turned out to be pre-rendered – appeared online in the post-Free Radical fallout, Battlefront 3 looked full of promise, and with Rebellion’s experience with the underrated PSP version, the future of the series was looking good. Pandemic, however, are on a bit of a downward ebb in recent times, with Mercenaries 2 being a huge disappointment, and Lord of the Rings: Conquest – billed as essentially “Battlefront in Middle Earth” – being a bit of a turd.

Perhaps getting their hands back on their baby will be enough to inspire them to bring their A-game this time?