Star Trek Online – first in-game footage

Long story short, a while ago Star Trek Online got its previous developer sacked. It mysteriously got handed over to Cryptic Studios under the table, and announced pretty recently. Here’s a trailer containing the in-game footage. I’ve wanted to this game since back at my first MMORPG, about 5 years ago. Lets hope that it lives up to what we all want from it, and with a seasoned developer like cryptic, the FUTURE looks pretty good.

Officially“100 percent in-engine gameplay footage. What you see is what you’ll play!”


This is from the live webcast from Las Vegas, which you can see in full below.

Jack Emmert, chief creative officer of Cryptic Studios, was joined on stage by legendary Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. Jack talked about Cryptic’s plans for Star Trek Online and answered questions on the game.