Star Trek Online confirmed, first screens shown

Star Trek Online has been talked about since late 2004, with many images shown when Perpetual Entertainment was in charge of the project back in 2004. However, when that project fell through the game went into hiatus for almost four years until the license for the game and all of its assets were transferred over to Cryptic Studios.

Now with the game confirmed to be alive again it should be interesting to see where a new developer takes the project. However, not much is known about what the game will offer as of yet, other than it will have “ground, space and shipboard gameplay.” The old (2004) version of the game was to place player in the roll of Starfleet cadets when they first started the game, and give them opportunity to advance in rank up to Captain and even Admiral as they levelled up. However, it is not known if Cryptic will adopt a similar approach.

Cryptic are best known for their work on City of Heroes and City of Villains in the past few years.

The game is expected to hit both PC and consoles upon release.