Star Trek tie-in game planned for May report that there will be a tie-in game based on the Star Trek reboot film coming this May. The news comes from a insert that is going to be packed in the Star Trek Season One Blu-ray set.

The game will be called Star Trek D-A-C, with Naked Sky, who worked on RoboBlitz for XBLA, touted as the developer.

What does D-A-C mean? We don’t really know, but we’d be willing to bet the C stands for Combat. What’s the game about? We don’t really know that either, with not even the genre officially revealed as of yet.

Bad Robot, the production company owned by J. J. Abrams, and the media giant Paramount will also play a part in the game. They will likely be publishing, although that is not confirmed yet.

The game is set to launch alongside the film this May and is likely to be a digital download release, as that is where Naked Sky has the most experience.