Square Enix reveal Final Fantasy XIV Online, only on PS3 and PC


In a move that precisely no-one was expecting, at Sony’s E3 conference today, Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy XIV. Thats 14 for those who don’t know their Roman Numerals.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘but 13 hasn’r even been released yet’, but Final Fantasy XIV is an online MMO in the vein of Final Fantasy XI.

A trailer was shown “On a forgotten page of eternity there lies a land embraced by mighty gods. Her name – Eorzea”. A huge dragon thing flies above a ship on a stormy sea. Another dragon swoops between explosions as towers fall. The towers are flying themselves, and a man with spiky hair in armour appears to be piloting one. Him and a few friends and a Chocobo survey an amazing vista across mountain tops and lush jungle.

Final Fantasy XIV will be launching in 2010, and PS3 will be the only console you can play it on. Score one for Sony.