Prankster's Paradise

Square Enix releases new Kingdom Hearts 3D screenshots

These screenshots are of a brand new area entitled “Prankster’s Paradise,” an area originally supposed to be in KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days. Pretty cool to see that Square is still developing new worlds after all this time, especially based on Disney’s classic Pinocchio.

Check the screenshots out here, and a brief description of the shots below:

“Prankster’s Paradise find Sora and Riku in a circus themed universe. Joined by cast of Disney’s classic Pinocchio, our adventurers must help Jiminy Cricket and Geppetto find our companion, the puppet with a heart.”

More details as we get them, but it’s safe to say that we’ll finally see Monstro in action as a boss. On a different note, that whale still manages to freak me out.