Spore rated PG due to ‘little buggers’

The BBFC have got their rating wand out, waved it about, and have deemed that the upcoming Spore, the only game ever to let you follow the  evolution of a species all the way to interstellar exploration should be tagged with a PG rating. The rating is apparently due to mild language and animated violence.

The BBFC comment that “the language in the game comes late on, as the creatures and organisms at the beginning have no method of communication. Once players get to the space level, a group of aliens are referred to as ‘little buggers’ by a character training the player to fly a spaceship.”

Violence plays a part in the rating to, as according to the BBFC creatures need to fight “to survive as a species, and ultimately proceed through the game.” They go on to say that the violence shown is only a “brief flash of red and a few spots of ‘meat’ which the organism must swim over to eat and grow.”

According to the BBFC there is “no detail of the violence… [t]he whole effect is rather comic and the fact that the participants are clearly fantastical animals means there is very little impact.”

Ban this sick filth we say. Damn you Will Wright, think of the children!