Sparse GTA IV Info Revealed At E3

Although now a full year has passed since the game was first revealed way back in May 2006, very little new info on GTA IV has been revealed during Take Two’s E3 conference, which has just ended in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, the company refused to show much of the game to the watching crowd, instead just offering a small glimpse of the core gameplay.

The demo they chose to show started of with Niko standing around in the GTA equivalent of Times Square, which goes by the name Star Juntion. At this point Take Two ensured the watching crowd that this would be different than normal GTA’s. “It’s a rags to slightly better rags story,” they stated. As they played the demo it was clear to see the game is still a work in progress with a few graphical inconsistencies, a lack of NPC’s, and some clipping on show. From there Niko jumped in his car and drove down the street and the graphical quality of the game really shined through, with the sun bursting though buildings as it came over the horizon. Just when things start to get intresting as Niko arrives at the Waterfront and pulls out his phone to call for some backup and firepower the demo ends. It is clear the game has a distinct air of quality to it but what is even clearer is that Take Two only wanted to tease the game at the conference and wanted to wait closer to release for the big reveal.

We all may be looking for that special someone, but it does not seem like we found them today!