Space Giraffe Passes Certification – Nearly Here

Ok first of we are very sorry. Why? Well, we are sorry as the following sentence may be the weirdest one we have ever written… ready? Ok! Over on his StinkyGoat Livejournal, the seminal Jeff Minter, of Attack of the Mutant Camels, Llamatron, and Sheep in Space fame, known by the online pseudonym Yak, has revealed that the “nothing like Tempest” shooter Space Giraffe, has passed certification and could should be ready to hit XBLA very soon. In fact, now it just up to Microsoft to decide what Wednesday will be best to release it.

Or if you’d rather read that in the words of the man himself, “Stage 2 complete. Func cert passed. We’re done. As soon as they give us a Wednesday we’ll let you know }:-)” is how Jeff explains it to the world.

So, in the long year since it was first announced, it is now finally coming! And, no matter what anyone says about the game there is no doubt it looks fun, and it should hopefully be a great game to play as well. Oh, and finally a warning… please don’t, under any circumstances, go to the forum above and say anything bad about the game… they will eat you alive if you do. In fact, they will eat you, regurgitate you, and eat you again… scary!