Space Giraffe And Street Trace On XBLA This Week

Microsoft have announced that this weeks two titles to hit Xbox Live Arcade will be the long awaited Space Giraffe and Street Trace: NYC. Both games will be available for download this Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 9:00AM.

Space Giraffe, developed by Llamasoft will apparently retail for 800 Microsoft Points, according to Gamerscoreblog, which is a bit different from the 400MP that has been reported for the past while. retail for 400, the original post by Gamerscoreblog was a mistake! MS boast that the game will feature over 100 levels of “lovingly hand-crafted shoot-em-up action.” We would like to add to that and report that the game also features a giraffe in outer space. As you may already know, the game share quite a bit with Tempest 2000, which was released a fair few years back.

Street Trace: NYC is the next game, which is pretty much an unknown title, especially going up against Space Giraffe. It is build as a fast-paced street racing and arena combat title set a grim futuristic corporate-controlled environment. The game lets players choose one of nine hoverboard-riding street soldiers to carve a plasma trail as you battle through six areas. The game will also retail at 800MP.

Both games will of course have achievements, if you are good enough to unlock them, and leaderboards to test yourself against the world.