Southpeak announces the acquisition of Gamecock

SouthPeak Interactive has today announced the acquisition of Austin-based Gamecock Media Group, the publisher that did a lot of shouting, but never really released a game you wanted to buy. Dementium: The Ward on the DS was rather good though, you could have considered getting that one.

Commenting on the acquisition, Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak, stated, “Gamecock brings us a solid slate of upcoming titles, including Legendary, Mushroom Men and Velvet Assassin and supports our strategy of working with independent developers. We are excited to give the Gamecock titles a bigger platform to succeed.

We are thrilled to be joining forces with SouthPeak to continue to bring great original titles from independent developers to market with a stronger sales and distribution reach,” said Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock. “We have followed each other’s progress closely over the last two years, and combining our team with theirs results in a very strong and well-rounded force in the market.