Sound Legend Richard Joseph Passes

Following a news item on Eurogamer it has been revealed that one of the greats at creating sound in games – Richard Joseph – died yesterday, March 4 at the age of 53. He passes away after fighting a short battle with lung cancer. Joseph is perhaps most famous for his work with Sensible Software and the Bitmap Brothers and was credited in a myriad of releases in the late 80’s and the early 90’s. He is also acclaimed for been one of the first to included vocals in the title tunes in many games.

Although his name does not automatically spring to mind when you think of games, a quick thought of the fantastic music and sounds heard in the likes of Sensible Soccer and the famous ‘War Has Never Been So Much Fun’ opener to Cannon Fodder brings fond nostalgic gaming memories to mind. His credits also expand far beyond those titles as he also played a part in the likes of Barbarian and Cauldron 2, Mega Lo Mania, Wizkid, Rise of the Robots and Jon Foxx on Gods, Speedball 2 and many more. Later on he won a BAFTA for his work on Theme Park World which was released by Electronic Arts. The last tile he worked on was the 2006 remake of Sensible Soccer 2006.

When speaking to Eurogamer Jon Hare called him “one of my closest friends.” He added that “he was one the pioneering British computer gaming musicians – and one of the best… He didn’t just do the music – he’d arrange songs I’d written, do the sound effects, the lot.