Soulcalibur IV rated ’12’, has no buttock nudity

The BBFC are still having a great time rating games, and have set their sights on Soulcalibur IV. The board comment that the game has been tagged with a ‘12’ rating for moderate fantasy violence, due to “combat with a variety of hand-held weapons such as swords and sticks.” They go onto say that even though the game contains violence the “blows delivered by hands, feet or weapons (such as swords or lances) lack detail in their impacts,” which is the main reason the game did not get a higher rating.

The BBFC they go onto to describe the lack of clothes worn by the female characters in the game. “The game also contains some female warrior characters with exaggerated ‘curvy’ figures accentuated by skimpy costumes,” they say “They are presented in a comic book manner and although the game allows characters’ costumes to be customised, the player is not able to create a character with full breast or buttock nudity.