Sony working on Gardening Sim for PSN


Would you rather battle weeds than enemy soldiers? Would you prefer to trim a hedge than pimp your ride? Would you pick a cream tea over an energy drink? Then Shiki-Tei (meaning Four Season Garden) may be the game for you.

Except that it isn’t really a game at all according to developers Premium Agency, who usually specialise in movie contents. Shiki-tei is actually an “environmental simulator”. Imagine a realistic Viva Pinata, without the Pinata…

Shiki-Tei features some in-depth technology though. As winter approaches, snow will begin to build up, adapting realistically to the shape of your garden and its elements. In spring, sakura trees will grow pink; in fall, leaves will turn orange. As night approaches, you’ll see reflections of the evening sky in water. Tree branches and growth differ for every tree you have in your garden, all driven by computer program.

sonygarden1.jpg sonygarden2.jpg

The landscaping sim will feature over 150 items, including trees and even animals like cats, birds, and rabbits. Items will be added through everyone’s favourite method, micro-transactions! Sony has said there will be over 40 item packs available to purchase from the Playstation Store.

Once you’ve created your very own Garden of Eden you can take a tour through your allotment or stroll around it at your own pace. You’ll be able to take photos of your creation and send them to your PS3 buddies, and the game will also allow gamers to have their own custom soundtrack.

Shiki-tei will be available to Japanese PS3 owners on 26th June. It remains to be seen whether such a unique non-game will ever see a European release, but you could expect it to cost around £10-£15. Pricing for the item packs is as yet unannounced…