Sony Ups The Price Of Euro PS3?

Just when you thought you have robbed enough banks and sold enough of your organs to finally afford one when it is released in a few months it seem Sony could have one final kick in the gut for you should you still be considering picking up a PS3 this March!

According to the Irish section of the PS3’s official website the 60GB version of the console will now cost 629.99Euro which is a smart 30Euro more than Sony previously announced many months ago. It seems weird that only Ireland would be asked to pay the extra 30Euro so is this just a mistake or is it the first sign the Sony may now be asking that little bit more of Europeans to bring a shiny new console into thier home? A mistake does seem possible be when you consider the fact that the Price of the 20GB model on the same site has also being raised an extra 30Euro to 529.99Euro it seem unlikely.