Sony Show New Dowloadable Puzzler For PSN

At their E3 conference Sony have announced a new puzzle title for PS3 called Echochrome, the game has been developed in Japan. Phil Harrison describes the game as “the least graphics and most gameplay of any title you’ll see this week,” we think that was a compliment.

As he shows the game it is clear it looks very basic in terms of graphics with a figure model moving up some stairs and round some blocks, which have and hand drawn feel to them. Then the figure walks into a hole, falls down and gets projected into the air. Phil explains that figure falls down on certain block and floats up on others; this is how you move him around in the game. Honestly, the game is very hard to describe in words and it be best to see a video of it in action, the game did get the matching audience to clap though which is always a plus!