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Sony set the date for their 2016 E3 press conference

Console giant Sony announced today that their 2016 E3 press conference will be held at 6pm Pacific time on Monday 13th June. For those of us in the UK, however, that’s actually 2am on Tuesday 14th.

There’s plenty of news for PlayStation fans to look forward to – and while obviously we can’t confirm what will be included, it’s a safe bet we’ll hear about the forthcoming PlayStation VR in some detail. Beyond that, we may also learn more about the increasingly notorious ‘PlayStation 4.5’ hardware upgrade, widely tipped to hit the shelves later this year.

We’ll bring you more news after the event – but if you’re a Sony aficionado hoping to tune in live in the early hours of the 14th, now would be a great time to stock up on caffeinated goods!