Sony Respond To MS’ Disaster Comment

Yesterday – when speaking at the CES – Peter Moore along with Chris Satchell had a few scathing words to direct at Sony and what they though of the PS3 calling the consoles online network a disaster amongst other insults.

Now today, just when you thought the offhand comments were fading of into the sunset Sony have taken the time to rebut, fighting back at Microsoft with senior director of corporate communications at SCEA, Dave Karraker leading the charge

I would argue that consumers worldwide, to the tune of over 200 million PlayStations, PS2s, PSPs and PS3s, have decided whether or not Sony has the DNA to deliver hardware, software and services to suit this industry,” Karraker told GamePro.

I think if you look at Gran Turismo HD alone, it points to the potential of the PlayStation Network and the kind of ground breaking content we plan to offer” Karraker concluded.