Sony Promise A Better Singstore With More Updates

Sony have talked to Eurogamer, and commented that the Singstar Singstore will be significantly improved in coming weeks. The improvements will include technical updates that will help the whole service run better, extra community news to keep people updated with whats happening with the game, and most importantly that new songs which will be added on a much more regular basis.

Eighteen new tracks will be live in the SingStore from 18th January (15 English and 3 Spanish tracks) including songs from KT Tunstall, David Bowie and Blur. This will be followed by an update the week of 4th February, including tracks from The Editors and MC Hammer, and we will be updating the SingStore with new content twice monthly thereafter. Thanks for your ongoing support,” comments Sony.

This news comes as many gamers have recently got rather annoyed by the service. They complained Sony was not living up to what they promised before the games release, and the current state of the store was no where near what it originally set out to be. They even made one of those petition things, although they never seem to do anything… Journeyman is still canceled dammit!