Sony planning movie/game combo Blu-ray discs are reporting that Sony are looking into the prospect of hybrid game/movie Blu-ray discs, and the tech could very well be ready for games coming out later on this year this year, with at least two or three hybrid disc launching beofre the end of 2009.

The site comments that the idea behind the disc would not only allow for an entire feature films to be playable of the same disc as the game, but also allow the transfer of the film for view on a PSP if needed.

We are actively pushing, and the way that we see the future is that the movie and the game are placed on the same disc,” said John Koller, director of hardware marketing for the PS3. “There are a lot of developers who say, we have this game based on a movie, wouldn’t it be great to marry these concepts? We will definitely see this stuff this year.

This is a value message with the PS3,” said Koller. “Consumers can capitalize on the larger amount of space with Blu-ray. There are grander experiences for movies or games.

Those of you keeping score out there may remember the the US release of the PS3 version of Stranglehold did something similar to this, with a copy of Hard Billed included on the Blu-ray. However, Sony’s new plan promises to be more refined than that outing.

It is currently unknown what companies will benefit most from the option to use a hybird disc. You’d think games based on movies would be the most obvious, but with those games usually launching as the film hits cinemas the timing is off.