Playstation Vita

Sony plan to spend £1.5m this Easter on Vita adverts

MCV report that Sony will be opening their wallets this Easter, and plan to spend upwards of £1.5m in the UK making sure people know Vita’s are available to buy. Apparently loads of people still have no idea – my mate Joe is one of those people. Hi Joe, you are on the Internet now!

The Easter campaign will consist of high impact outdoor media, along with an extension to our existing digital, cinema and press activity,” says UK Marketing lead Alan Duncan.

We think that means adverts will appear on billboards, on TV, in cinemas, and on some old thing called “newspapers” (we are not sure what they are).

We have an always-on approach to Vita marketing, continually evolving and updating our campaigns to match the new and compelling entertainment experiences delivered by this uniquely powerful device,” Duncan continued.

We think that means that Sony watched an episode of Mad Men, and came up with new ideas.

Don Draper is so cool!