Echochrome Demo Now On JPN PlayStation Store

If you decided to stay up late / get up really early this Wednesday night / Thursday morning you’ll be glad to hear that totally messing with your body clock has paid off! Why? Well, the demo of Echochrome that was talked about late last week is now available on the Japanese PlayStation store. Even if you had a good nights sleep and are reading this long after it was originally posted you’ll be happy to know that the demo is still there, but you were not one of the first to download it, which obviously means you not cool!! If you do not have a Japanese PSN account yet you can easily set up one so you can the game, along with other Japan exclusive content. The PSP demo is available on the store too if your interested.

The demo has loads of Japanese text, but is thankfully voiced in English so you should not get too confused when playing. We should be thankful as messing with reality from different perspectives is confusing enough. Oh, and I really like the violin music in the game… it amazing! Or maybe I am just tired?