Sony Confirms PS3 Media Format

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc have confirmed what many have been suspecting for months the company has adopted the Blu-ray Disc ROM (BD-ROM) for its next-generation PlayStation console.

Blu-ray is one of two HD (high-definition) formats that are currently in development—the other is HD-DVD, which many suspect the Xbox 2 will adopt. BD-ROMs can hold up to 54 GB (dual layer, single side), which is six times larger than that of DVD-ROM. Standardization of this format, lead by the Blu-ray Disc

Much like the adoption of DVD in the PS2 helping to expand the DVD-Video market, Sony is hoping that the use of BD-ROM in the next PlayStation will make it the format of choice going forward.

Furthermore, Sony says that development of devices with a single optical pickup capable of reading all three formats (CD, DVD, BD-ROM) is on-going at Sony group.