Sony Confirm MGS 4 Exclusiveness

At their E3 press conference Sony trotted out Hideo Kojima onto the stage to show a trailer for MGS 4, a trailer which showcased Snake doing his stuff with cyborgs, soldiers are coughing and collapsing, soldiers beating each other up, a helicopter, death not been feared, limbs been chopped of, snipers and spikes through chests of people. All in all it was a very exciting trailer for the much hyped game and as the trailer ended Jack Trenton burted in to say, this game will be available “exclusively on PS3.”

Before Kojima left he promised he would showcase some real-time, in-game footage in Japan next week (which seems to hint at the Playstation event on July 17th) but he promised “you’ll be able to play in this quality” when you get the game.

Unfortunately, no release date was even hinted at during the show which was a bit disappointing.