Sony closing some game servers


I don’t think the PS2 was ever a huge success online, and personally I only played a handful of games online over the years since the service went available. However, if you did, or more importantly still do then you might be sad to hear Sony are shutting down many servers for old PS2 games, and a couple of PSP games too.

It’s not an immediate shutdown though, so you still have some time to play the titles before the servers are officially switched off on 30th June.

Probably the most notable game on the list, and one of the few I played online is Amplitude. It’s an early game from the guys at Harmonix before they went on to have huge success with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, so it is sad to see that one go. The full list is as follows:

PlayStation 2

  • Amplitude
  • Destruction Derby Arenas
  • Everybody’s Golf
  • EyeToy Chat
  • F1 ‘04
  • Jak X
  • Lemmings PS2
  • My Street
  • Syphon Filter Omega Strain
  • This is Football 2004
  • This is Football 2005
  • Twisted Metal: Black Online


  • Lemmings
  • World Tour Soccer 2