Sony announces LittleBigPlanet, Rock Band, Motorstorm and Assassin’s Creed for PSP


At its annual retail and publisher conference, Destination Playstation, Sony revealed an impressive line-up of titles for their portable system, starting with first party releases of LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm this Autumn.

LittleBigPlanet: Developed in conjunction with MediaMolecule, the critically acclaimed game LittleBigPlanet makes its way to the PSP, offering new SackBoy adventures with the same play, create, share experience for gamers on-the-go, in addition to brand new levels and environments specifically created for the platform.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge: Developed by the award-winning Bigbig Studios, the team behind the best-selling Pursuit Force(TM) series, MotorStorm Arctic Edge sees the music, the festival and the brutal off-road racing arrive in the breathtaking yet lethal and unpredictable setting of Alaska. The game is also expected to hit the PlayStation 2 platform in Fall of 2009.

Courtesy of Ubisoft, the PSP will also be seeing its own ‘exclusive instalment’ in the Assassin’s Creed series. Sony is planning a special-edition Assassin’s Creed-themed bundle for release in conjuction with this title, which will come complete with a sleek Piano Black PSP. The full-on sequel for home consoles, Assassin’s Creed 2 is also expected later this year.

Finally, Sony also revealed the first handheld version of the Rock Band franchise is coming exclusively to PSP. Rock Bank Unplugged will utilise the PSP’s Wi-Fi connection to access a fully-featured in-game store for downloadable content.

Rumours of how the game will control come from Primotech who say “players must hit corresponding buttons in-time as they scroll by on-screen. There will not be a peripheral attachment available. Instead, all input is handled by the ‘Left,’ ‘Up,’ ‘Triangle,’ and ‘Circle’ buttons. The player can switch between guitar, drums, bass, and “vocals” (although he won’t physically be singing, merely tapping buttons) using the L and R shoulder buttons.

Tracks are broken down into what are called “phrases.” Play a phrase perfectly to earn a multiplier boost and a prompt to switch to a different instrument. The player can actually choose to switch instruments at anytime, but switching prematurely will cause him to lose his multiplier. “Overdrive,” used to rack up big points and avoid failing a track, is of course included as always. The game will ship with tracks from Blink 182, Boston, AFI, Kansas, Lit, and The Police.”

Last year was something of a slow one for PSP software, but it looks like Sony have given us good reason to dust off our screens, charge our batteries, and hope the UMD drive still works!