Sony Announce Two Game/Controller Euro PS3 Bundle

Sony have revealed that any gamers (read: lots) still waiting to get their hands on a PS3 now wont have to spend quite as much money. However, this is not due to the company lowering the price of the console, instead they have packed more into the same box and will be selling it at the same RRP as always. Yes, the new bundle, going by the clever name Starter Pack, will still cost €599, but for that price you’ll be able to get a 60GB PS3, two Sixaxis pads, a copy MotorStorm and also a shiny copy of the church angering Resistance.

So there you have it, it may not be the price cut everyone wanted but it seems like a good deal. Of course, you could always look on the downside of this announcement as rumble enabled Sixaxis pads should be officially announced any day now, which means you might have to buy the pads all over again!