Sony announce release of EyeToy: Play 2

From Press release

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced the November release of EyeToy®Play 2 the latest title from SCEE’s award-winning London Studio. Developed exclusively for PlayStation®2, EyeToyPlay 2 expands upon the revolutionary gameplay of the original EyeToyPlay with new advancements in technology that make the 12 new games in Play 2 even more interactive than before!

EyeToyPlay 2 places the player right in the centre of the action. The EyeToy USB camera projects them onto the television screen live within the game, allowing them to physically interact with characters and environments. The 12 new games allow players to take part in a diverse range of events. Whether performing super high-kicks in Kung2, trying their hand at home improvement skills in DIY, or making burgers and fries in Mr Chef, players become the star of the game, using any part of the body to control the action.

Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends, EyeToyPlay 2 offers hours of amusement, with a plethora of crazy party games that are as much fun to watch as to play. A new multi-player tournament option allows for up to four people to face off against one another taking quick-fire turns in the competition.

Advanced EyeToy technology takes the gaming experience to new levels. Motion- CamTM motion detection allows players to fine tune their technique in games such as Home Run and Table Tennis, which take into account where you aim and how hard you hit the ball. In Boxing, the harder you punch in real life, the better you score in the game. Many of the games also feature Sonic-CamTM audio recognition, enabling players to add another dimension to the action by shouting at the screen!

MiniVision takes an image of the player and the room they are in and projects the reduced image deeper into the game. This new feature makes games such as Goal Attack and Home Run possible, allowing players to not only control the game with their body but to actually move around within a 3D game environment. New effects in the Playroom area include Cutout-CamTM, which allows players to be separated from the surrounding background and superimposed into a new environment, and Colour-CamTM, enabling players to control the action using brightly coloured objects.

In addition, EyeToyPlay 2 features SpyToyTM, enabling players to turn their EyeToy camera into a fun security system that will record anyone that passes by! Budding detectives can set up their SpyToyTM to secretly capture photos or record video of intruders, or they can record their own stealth message that will pop up on the television screen should anyone cross the threshold.

Whether honing your skills in the single-player game or enjoying more than 80 bonus games with a group of friends, the diverse gameplay offers something for everyone! EyeToyPlay 2 will be available across all PAL territories this winter – get ready to get up and play again!