Sony announce PSP 3000, adds new features

At their Leipzig conference Sony has announced the a new iteration of PSP – the PSP 3000. The shape of the console is pretty much the same as the previous iteration, but looks smoother around the edges and corners.

However, bigger changes are at hand when it comes to the screen as Sony boast that it is much brighter and vivid than before, offering crisper colours with more intensity along with less glare when you’re out in natural light. Sony also went onto say that the PSP 3000 will include a built-in microphone – which they hope will help establish PSP as “a viable communication device“.

The PSP 3000 will launch on 15th October in across Europe for €199 with eight different bundle options available. The handheld will also be available as a stand-alone product for “a limited period of time” at a price of €169 should you wish to jump aboard early.