Sony Announce Price Cut For 20Gig PS3 In Japan

You may have noticed we have been slightly disappointed with Sony efforts as if late as the days keep counting down to the PS3’s launch. They seem to want to do everything they possibly can to garner some bad press about the PS3. Well finally we can report some good news about PS3 going’s on in the world as Sony have plans to reduce the price of its soon-to-be-released PlayStation

The omnipotent Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, said at the Tokyo Game Show that the console’s “core” 20gig version of the console would now sell for 49,980 yen (US$429/EUR 335/GBP 225) which is a big drop from the originally planned 62,790 yen (US$536/EUR421/GBP283). Kutaragi attributed the price cut to customer complaints that the console was too expensive. He also added that a HDMI port has been added to the 20gig version as well, which is probably one again due to customer complaints.

It is not known if this step down in price will transfer over other territories come the release of the PS3 in other parts of the world.