Sony Acquires MotorStorm Dev Studios

Although the companies were already rather good mates as of late, with the likes Pursuit Force and MotorStorm appearing on Playstation consoles over the last few years, it has now been made official as Sony have announced that they have acquired Evolution Studios along with subsidiary Bigbig Studios. It was also announced that Martin Kenwright (CEO) and Ian Hetherington are to leave the company, with managing director Mick Hocking moving up to take the role of group studio director responsible for Evolution Studios, Bigbig Studio and Sony’s Liverpool Studio.

Our strategy with our studios is to create the best games by working with the best talent,” said Michael Denny, vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios “We’ve enjoyed a highly productive and commercially successful relationship with Evolution and Bigbig and now there’s a great opportunity in bringing them into part of the family to share further in terms of technology, production methodology and creative goals to make the experiences that these teams are creating even better.

Worldwide Studio Europe management will be involved in the strategic planning and financial management of the studio but day-to-day operations will continue largely unchanged. We want to protect and enhance our investment in Evolution Studios and Bigbig, and have no plans to reduce the overall number of staff in either studio,” he concluded.