Sonic The Hedgehog Demo Hits Live Marketplace

Major Nelson has just revealed that a demo of the upcoming release of Sonic The Hedgehog has just hit the Live Marketplace. The demo has gone live as part of Day 8 of the “Bringing it Home” campaign. This is infact the first download of any significance that as hit live as part of the campaign, here hoping more intresting downloads hit live as the march into X06 continues. The demo is not stupidity big either, clocking in at only 314MB it will not take a whole day to download.

Sonic The Hedgehog is developed under the direction of Yuji Naka, the award-winning developer known for creating the hugely successful franchise. The games is set to be released later this year in conjunction with the character’s 15th anniversary.

Now what the hell are you doing still reading this? Go run to your 360 and get downloading (or moan that you stuck in you uncomfortable chair at work)