Someone is playing the inFamous demo, you can watch them

A demo for Infamous is now available to some people – via pre-order codes and the like. This means a few folks are now playing the demo, and thankfully others are boasting about having access by streaming their playtime online. One such fellow is on here.

Apparently the guy that is playing streams many videos of his gaming escapades online, so if he is playing some Hello Kitty game when you log-on it is not my fault. However, there is a good chance inFamous will be his game for most of today (May 7th).

InFamous sees you play as Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who gets electricity-based powers after getting caught up in a huge explosion. With these powers, you take on various missions, with the game giving you options to be a hero or an anti-hero. The direction you take things will affect how the game plays out.

The demo is set to be made available for all come May 21st on PSN.