Some Details On Lost Game Revealed

IGN have waded though the extras section of the latest Lost Season 3 DVD and decided to post some new details on the upcoming Lost game which they found on there. We see this as one great reason for us to post a picture of Evangaline Lily.

Well, seeing as we now have that out of the way details on the game are as follows. Apparently the title will try it’s best to let you play a game that follows the shows typical format, letting you mess about on the island itself, and then sporadically jump to experience flashbacks based on your characters life before he arrived on said island.

However, the character you play as will not be one of the well known ones from the island, as you will instead be placed in the shoes of one of the unnamed guys that appear in the background of the TV show. However, you will apparently get to talk with the more well known character – such as Kate – and possibly do missions with them by you side. Kate side missions – W00t!

Aside from that not much more is known, with even the genre still remaining a bit of mystery. It is still unknown at what point in the Lost story the game will take place, what characters you’ll get to meet. Hell, even the release date is still up in the air, with the current vague February date seeming unlikely at this point.