Sold Out’s February Collection

Sold Out, the UK’s premier publisher of £4.99 PC titles, has unveiled its first titles for 2005. Due for release in February, Sold Out will add six titles to its renowned label, with Command & Conquer Renegade leading an impressive line-up.

A spin-off from the eternally popular series of real-time strategy titles, Command & Conquer Renegade is a first-person shooter, set within the same universe. Cast as a member of the GDI Commando unit, the player is thrown into the ongoing battle against series’ villain Zod. Within the first-person view, players have access to all the military hardware and vehicles associated with the Command & Conquer games, yet can enjoy a more intense and personal part in the battles. Thus, a continually evolving mission unfolds as the player takes out key strategic targets, whilst constantly upgrading their weapons to counter the growing threat from Zod’s armies. A number of multi-player modes are also supported, including ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Death Match’ options.

Detailing the range of content the Sold Out label demonstrates on an ongoing basis, the other five February titles span everything from football management, through to all-out blasting and light-hearted strategy. Championship Manager Season 00/01 joins the label as one of the most successful managerial titles of all time. Developed by Sports Interactive and originally published by Eidos, Championship Manager is recognised as the definitive football management title. The Season 00/01 release features all the teams and players for that season, with the player selecting a team to lead to glory. Every aspect of running the team is under the user’s disposal – from training to tactics and transfers – while pressure from the board manifests every time things start to go awry.

A different take on the strategy genre, VUG’s Zeus is a ‘God’ game in every sense of the word. Overseeing an entire world, the player is charged with developing and raising a civilization and dealing with any problems that arise. The main thrust of the game involves keeping your populace happy with the creation of theatres, homes and the like. However, rival Gods and mythical beasts threaten your paradise every now and then, and must also be dealt with.

Also released is Ski Park Manager, which invites users to run and maintain a ski resort. Players oversee every part of the resort, and can totally rework their mountain locations to ensure a constant stream of skiers. Featuring a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics and a wealth of gameplay options, what initially seems a very simple idea evolves into an engrossing and novel take on the strategy theme.