Sock Puppets Hit With Ban

In a recent piece in The Times it has being announced that the EU plans to ban sock-puppets. But please settle down… this is not as bad as the new rules for having to wear safety glasses to play conkers and the banning of tag it is infact a good idea. The sock-puppetry we speak of is of course not the puppet made from a sock kind it’s official definition is infact “an additional account of an existing member of an Internet community to invent a separate use.

A recent example of this soon to be illegal practice was Sony’s ill conceived “All I want for Xmas is a PSP” blog where PR people masqueraded as ‘hip kidz’ who really wanted a PSP. As a result Sony hoped this would lead more sales of their product. We think it is a great idea for sites like this to disappear but the new law covers more than just that. Companies that review their own products on Amazon may also get in trouble as will any companies that appare to be””falsely representing oneself as a consumer.” It is unknown if Sony’s latest marketing blog ThreeSpeech will survive once the law comes into effect.

The Times states that the law will become effective from December 31st.