Smash Bros guy working on new game

Masahiro Sakurai, famed creator of the pink fluffiness Kirby, and also the main designer of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, has revealed he has formed a new studio in connection with Nintendo, at which he will craft a brand new game.

Satoru Iwata has not said much about the new game, but confirmed it would not be a Smash Bros title saying, “It’s not Smash Bros. I asked [Masahiro Sakurai] for.” Sakurai went onto add, “I can promise an experience that’s different from anything [you’ve played] up until now.

The official website for the game is already up and running, but little to no hits are given to the what the new game will be about.

The working title for the game is however Project Sora, and with Sora being the Japanese word for sky, air and heaven, that could give us some clues.